What we offer

We offer various types of courses, sessions, Treatments and Programs as given below. To know more about them you may go to the related link and find more information about them.


  • Yoga beginners Course
  • Yoga for intermediate
  • Integrated Yoga Course
  • Pranayam Course
  • Meditation Course
  • Kundalini Yoga Course
  • Teacher Training Courses
  • Yoga Therapy Courses

Yoga Camps
  • Yoga Treatment Camps for general public and large groups.
  • Yoga workshops / lecturers for Corporate / Companies
  • Yoga programs for students / schools
Yoga Therapy Programs

  • Special package Programs for various ailments and diseases.
  • Yogic Massage & Treatments
Yoga Retreats

  • Yoga Retreats for groups for specific purpose in Nature.
  • Yoga & Ayurveda retreat programs.
  • Yoga & Naturopathy retreat programs.
  • Nature Cure for self awareness – Introductory Course.
  • Nature Cure & its methods – Comprehensive Course.
  • Nature Cure Treatments for various Ailments.
  • Detoxification Program by Nature Cure Methods – 5 Days( Minimum ).
  • Pulse Diagnosis & check up of constitutions of body with Food & Lifestyle Consultations
  • Ayurveda Panchkarma Program for Rejuvenation / Ailment Healings
  • Ayurveda Massage & Other ayurveda Therapies
  • Ayurveda Masssage Course
  • Ayurveda Course – Introductory
  • Ayurveda Course - Comprehensive
  • Ayurveda Beauty Course
  • Ayurveda Cooking Course
Accupressure / Shiatshu
  • Reflexology Sessions and Courses.
  • Accupressure Sessions and Course for full body.
  • Shiatshu Massage Course & Sessions.
  • Reiki Sessions / Treatments.
  • Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing Sessions
  • Reiki First Level Program for Self Healing & Healing Others.
  • Reiki Second Level Program for Distance Healings & Use of Symbols.
  • Reiki Mastership Level Programs.
Vedic Astrology / Numerology

Predictions, Solutions of Problems, Suggestions about Gems, stones etc., Horoscope Matching of Couple, To Suggest the suitable time for various occasions of your life depending on your planetary positions. 

Tarot Card Reading

Problems, suggestions for yourself and others.

Himalayan Healings

Special Holistic Eight Scholar Treatment Programs for various Ailments.

Healings Sessions by Words & Touch

Consultations for various aspects of life & psychological needs.

Vedic Marriage Arrangements for a couple who wish to get married by Indian Vedic System.

To Organize Divine Rituals programs as

Name Giving Ceremony, Conversion into Hindu Religion , Gayatri Mantra , Yagopaveet Sanskar , Mahamritunjay Jap Yagya , Rudrabhishek Yagya , Shanti Path, Specific AArti Program

Spiritual Journey to Vibrant Places in Himalaya , Cave Tours, Specific Meditation Program.


Four Shrine ( Char Dham Yatra ) Pilgrimage – Badrinath , Kedarnath , Yamunotri & Gangotri , Temple Tours                                        

Ash Immersion program for loved ones as per Hindu Religion.

In and Around Rishikesh

For giving your full advantage of your time at Rishikesh.These Services are arranged and managed by our Travel associates “Himalayan Touch Tours” for making your journey comfortable.Visit at http://www.himalayantouch.com

  • Visit to nearby Treks and Hiking & Water falls.

    There are 2 beautifull water falls around Rishikesh.. They are about 5 kms away from Rishikesh’s Luxman jhula / Tapovan area and a short 30 minutes ( 2 kms ) hiking at height.One can spent lovely Morning or afternoon there by taking pack lunch with them and taking bath in natural spring. Please remember to take back of the trash ( bottles , plastic packs etc ) with you,
    If someone want a day Trek then Kunja devi Trek is the best suitable one. It is 4 – 5 hour trek from Tapovan area to a very vibrant Devi
    (Goddess) temple.There are 3 ways to do this trek.
    1 – Trek up to the temple and come back by taxi or bus etc.( 4 – 5 hours )
    2 – Reach to the temple by taxi / bus and come down by Trek.( 4 – 5 hours )
    3 – Trek up and Down bath ways. ( full day )
    For more information and book this trip you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Visit to Sun Rise point – to see all Himalaya Range.

    It is the same place of Kunja devi Peak as described above but then you have to go very early before sun rising point at the Temple. If weather is clear and you reach very early you see magnificient Sun rise view from there.You may also see all Snow Covered Himalaya peaks from here. If you are late then you may not see this.The best way is to arrange the taxi or car in advance so you can be there ontime. Around 7’O clock there is aarti ( worship ) at the temple. One can take part in this ceremony and enjoy the bliss of the Godess Kunja.It is one hour ( 30 kms ) from Rishikesh by road. If you want then you may come down by trek.
    For more information and book this trip you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • White River Rafting Trips.

    Rishikesh is famous for white water river rafting. Ganga is considered at the safest river in the world for River rafting.There are 3 + grade rapids at the Ganga. The famous stretch for Good fun and adventure is from Shivpuri to Ram Jhula Rishikesh.It is a 16 kms stretch. There are small 12 kms stretch also for the people who don’t want to go for big adventure first time and also for teenagers or non swimmers or children.
    For more information and book this trip you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Camping in Tented accommodation.

    Living by the side of the Ganga in silver sand beaches in moon light nights or else is a very enjoyable and romancing experience with nature. We have our camps by the Ganga river with deluxe bed and toilet / bath facility. One can stay there for a change or to experience it . You may also combine Rafting trips with the camping. You may enjoy beach volley ball or at night Bon – fire at the camp in winter time. Delicious veg. food is served at the camps by our expert cook.

    For more information and book this program you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Elephant Safari and Wild life at Chila ( Rajaji National Park ).

    Rishikesh is surrounded by Raja Ji National park at one side. The Park is specially famous for the wild elephants , Barking deers, Wild pigs, pythons, Leopards or other big cats etc. It is 6 months closed from 15 April to 14 October.One can take elephant ride by prior booking or Jeep safari ( 3 hours ) inside the park from 15 October – 14 April.The Park is situated at 20 kms from Rishikesh. There is a govt. Guest House also. One can take taxi or jeep to go there. You can also hire a guide from outside the Park gate to see the park inside more thoroughly. There are some fees etc to visit the park.

    For more information and book this trip you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Rock Climbing & Kayaking etc.

    For dry adventure lovers Rishikesh also offers Rock climbing near to Rishikesh. Forest department has the arrangements for this in season time ( 15 September – 15 April ). There are some private operators as well for this activity.You may go in a group or join any group by doing prior bookings.
    For more thrill lovers One can go for Kayaking in Ganga River. Kayak is an individual sport so one has to be trained enough to go for this trip before going for this trip. If you are not and still want to do it then there are Kayak school also where you can take primary training for a week or so and then you may go for this trip. You may go for short trips or long expeditions as per your choice.

    For more information and book this trip you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Visit to nearby cities like Haridwar , Dehradun , Mussoorie etc.

    You may also visit the nearby cities if you like to see around Rishikesh.
    Haridwar ( 25 kms ) is a hindu religious town. Many big festivals going on there throughout the year. World famous “Kumbh Mela” is also coming up in 2010 there. It is a destination for hindus to take bath ( dip in Ganga )on various occasions.Evening Aarti is an attraction at famous “ Hur Ki Pauri “ ghat here. There are several temples and ashrams also to visit., Patanjali Yog Peeth,Shanti Kunj , Bharat Mata Mandir , Mansa Devi , Chandi Devi Temple are most visited places of Haridwar. You can also enjoy the Trolly for going to Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi Temple.

    Dehradun is the Capital of this 7 year old new hill state of Uttarakhand. It is a modern town and 45 kms ( 1 hour ) away from Rishikesh. Dehradun is famous for its schooling and educational institutes, its english lifestyle,big Malls and world famous show rooms of fabrics , shoes and restaurants etc. There are bars and restaurants also where you can enjoy veg – non veg both kind of quality food at selected places.Domino’s Pizza, Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut are the main hangouts of Dehradun. You can visit the local market at Paltan Bazar for your day to day needs. Dehradun is also famous for its bakery items. There are various central and state govt. offices also there at Dehradun.

    Mussoorie is a famous hill town situated approx. 2000 meter altitude at 75 ksm from Rishikesh. This hill town was being established by English people. They used to stay here for leisure time when there was hot weather in plain areas. There are many schools who was being established by them and still running. It is also famous for good boarding schools now. One can enjoy Kempty water fall, Gun hills point and trolly with the modern hill market here. In winter time this is the closest area from Rishikesh where one can experience snow. You can also see snow caped mountains from here around the year. Mussoorie is also known as “Queen of hills” and very famous among domestic tourists. One should do prior reservations for accommodations etc for staying overnight there.
    For more information and book this trip you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Visit to Ananda Spa – The World’s Number One Destination Spa at Rishikesh

    Ananda – in the Himalayas is a destination spa which is rated as world’s number one destination spa since last 3 years by a world famous leading travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller. It is famous for its rejuvenating experience of ayurveda wellness programs. The entrance of the spa is an Heritage Palace of Maharaja of Narendra Nagar. The reception and viceroy regal suites are based in the Palace area. There are 75 artistically furnished simple and elegant rooms having the Palace view and Rishikesh valley view. There are a boutique, swimming pool , gym , amphi theatre and wet and dry area for various wellness therapies.There is also a resturent which serve all type of veg and now veg healthy and fresh food. Some newly built private cottages with private swimming pool are also available for premier guests. It is an upmarket spa. The children below 14 years are not allowed in the spa. It is a privilege to see the spa and spent some time there.Due to our good liaising with the Ananda Spa people we can show around the world famous spa to our honorable guests. One can make a program to have Breakfast / Lunch or Dinner there on prior arrangements with us.
    Many of our guests prefer to go to Kunja devi temple and experience the sun rise early morning and on the way back having breakfast there and come back to Rishikesh. Such a trip takes about 4 – 5 hours and around 10 in the morning you may be back for your daily routine work or programs.

    For more information and book this trip you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Evening Aarti at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh Triveni Ghat or Hur Ki Pauri at Haridwar

    Mighty Ganga is in its original form till Rishikesh. There are several places where everyday Ganga Aarti is celebrated by the Mother Ganga devotees.Parmarth Niketan conducts everyday an aarti ( worshiping Ganga ) for Ganga with devotional music and chanting of mantras. One can take part in this ceremony at Parmarth Niketan Ganga Ghat and feel the bliss. Some other places are Rishikesh’s Triveni Ghat and “ Hur Ki Pauri” at Haridwar where everyday ganga aarti is being celebrated.
  • Airport Pick up or Drop Services or arrangement of local transport .

    We arrange the New Delhi Airport Transfers ( 250 Kms) or Jolly Grant Airport Transfers ( 17 Kms ) for the convenience of our prestigious guests. By prior information and bookings our well experienced Drivers pick up our clients so they can directly come to us.
    We also arrange there stay at Delhi for overnight as per the budget.There are several trains also from New Delhi to Haridwar Railway Stations. We can further arrange the transfers from Haridwar Railway station ( 25 kms ) on demand.
    One can also take our local transportation services for there local day to day work on request for there need of shopping, hospitals etc.

    For more information and bookings you may call at + 91 – 9837089079 or Visit http://www.himalayantouch.com
  • Assistance for Foreign Money Exchanging, Cash against Credit Cards, Mobile connection, hotel, guest house search as per your need and budget etc.
    Being the guest of BHS we assist you in all type of your day to day needs to make your stay comfortable with us.
  • To help and guide for various day to day needs.
    One can also avail the services of our escorts / guides to take the maximum advantage of your time and money. It is very useful service for those who have less time at Rishikesh and want to explore the maximum.