The Joy of Loving
The joy of being loved and give love is not been decried . Love has many meaning and many shapes and without shape. It is physical , mental , emotional, sexual , spiritual or else.

But One thing is common in all kind of love that is should be “ UNCONDITIONAL “.

In todays world we start putting conditions in love and it may fail or being given in formal manner. It is the main cause of all type of worries.

We are designing a program based on our 15 years of working experience in various type of fields, business, social or educational or healing activities. It is being developed in a manner from the inputs from thousand people’s actions and reactions, inputs , there behavior in different good or bad conditions. After studying all this we want to further classified it in 3 levels.
Part One : LOVE to Yourself

Part Two : Love to Your near and dear ones

Part Three : Love to your society , community and world.

We are still accepting any kind of inputs from all of you who is interested in sharing your ideas of love for any part as described above.

This program shall be a combination of all holistic programs of various type of Yoga forms, breathing techniques, meditations, reiki, naturopathy, ayurveda and many more ingredients.
Distance Education Program :
BY CORRESPONDENCE : You can do it at home. Our institute will send you Books, Chart, Instrument & after completing the course, one test will be conducted. Question paper along with an answer sheet will be sent to you & you will have to deposit the answer sheet for getting your certificate.
BY INTERNET : You can do this course by internet also. We can provide you the study material on your e-mail add & you can ask your doubts by e-mail.